The Bat e​.​p.

by Deer Thomas

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released November 4, 2016



Track Name: The Bat
I'd let her have my thoughts,
when I couldn't speak in volume.
To let her read my mind -
I'd watch her eyes bat softly.

Beating at the air - sonar to a concrete wall.

Illuminates the dark.

Here we're all born blind, (reside in a cave).

Until the walls shall humble.

You can see a body,
but a heart you cannot have.
Foot loose and fancy -
free as a bat.

Beating at the air - wings to the cloud.

Oh, let her fly.
Oh, love is blind.
Oh, let it go.
Oh, lover's flow.

Quiet the night.
Somewhat a high.
Hah, hah, uh uh uh.

I let her have my touch, and all that it signs.
She let me in her thighs - she gently cried.

Beating at the bed - wounds to the sheets.

Here we're all born, somewhat vulnerable.

Until the walls shall humble.

The bat she flies without sight.
The bat she thrives on insight.

Ride the hurricane.
Track Name: Spanner in the Mechanism [acoustic]
(Circulating veins), blood flows alongside time.
Here where godliness is mere cleanliness - trade wine for turpentine.

There's really no telling why neuron chemicals,
go swimming through the circuit boards, (as though mechanical)!
They operate of their own, as though our destiny's in DNA codes.

Many believe in this, (that we are pre-programmed),
cut-clean cogs in a machine.

And they sing, "pie Jesu, save our souls".
and "deus ex machina, save us from ourselves".

... But the plans of mice and men will always go awry.
To the wolves the vestibules, to the dogs the resting mule.
They tell you to get behind the stained-glass window.
They'll pull the spanner from the works, and the wheel will turn again.

For you're a spanner in the mechanism - expendable you'll see.
And their pledge of heaven ain't a tree of life, it's a factory of iron.

You've gotta lose your mind now totally, to live inside your heart.
Where a spade's a spade, and it digs the grave of dogmatic apathy.
Track Name: Grate at You, Great You [acoustic]
There is a certain type of tenderness to this endurance of emptiness.

It drains you for one.

Rain of the eye stains, even after its dry.

Bestow a stoic spine, below an egoic mind.

Incinerate the incense, watch it fade away and smoke.
Commiserate a candle, that's burning in the shadow.

Engrains anew coming undone.

Reign of the sky, wade me in low tide.

Bestow a stoic spine, below an egoic mind.

Put a candle in the window.
It comes to pass, and then its through.
Meditate on the things that grate at you, great you.

Bestow a stoic spine, below an egoic mind.
Bestow a stoic spine, below an egoic mind.
Track Name: Cannibal [acoustic]
What a beautiful culinary delight, Delilah,
for you, and your painted lips of fire.
Silver cutlery, silver cufflinks at my wrists.
In lilac, you order red.

Glittering eyes, all sparkling makeup.
Soon, we will dine.

Only the finest for you, Delilah.
Take this wine, and discover what's eating you tonight.

Now a toast!

This all began with a momentary glance, Delilah.
At you and your salt-silver heels.
A hunger, and a hungered - I knew it had to be you.
Like a hungry beast that's scented prey, I got lost in the fray.

Staring eyes, all sparkling in the neon lights.
Soon, you will die.

What's your take on violence Delilah?
Don't be afraid -
it's really no different to what's being served on your plate tonight.
It's all part of life and death, Delilah.
Like your loved ones, and there's before them.
Rotting beneath the topsoil, ingested by flies.

When the rooster, (black rooster), crow,
you better run-run-run then, I'm eating you.
Boom-boom-boom goes your heartbeat.
Go your footsteps running.
Meanwhile now, Delilah take your first bite.

My victim's lament.