Down in the Grove [unfinished track, acoustic demo]

by Deer Thomas

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I wore a black rose on the breast,
of a blacker still, aged-vest.
You had your hair-dyed redder than red,
redder still than bloodshed.

And we walked down to the grove.

The sky above was a lavender more violet than candy.
And the silence that was dancing between us,
it felt more sacred than Jesus.

When we walked down to that grove.

Valerie, we're no heroes, but tonight we can make-believe.
So please don't fear the ghosts between the old tombstones.
We are the only ones that keep the cold ones warm down in the grove.

Sticks and stones break bone, but words - words are forever.


released July 24, 2017
Written, recorded and performed live by Rupert Hill-Hayr @ The Spare Room, Foxton, New Zealand